4 essential accessories for traveling with your baby

You plan a holiday with your baby, and began to organize everything, ready to go in the direction of the Indian Ocean! Except that there you do not know specifically what childcare equipment will be available for your baby. You also you plan to move round and enjoy your vacation….

You got it : be well equipped to travel with your baby, it’s important! You will need practical light baby gear .

Our selection of 4 essential accessories:

— The travel baby chair

Also called “nomad chair”, this accessory fabric, no bigger than a raincoat, shoves on any chair or chair back and will be of great use for meals at the restaurant, in your rental etc.

– A baby travel bed

Lighter than the traditional cot, small nomadic bed or nomad tent are essential, for naps and nights of your baby!
Some are equipped with mosquito netting or UV sails: very convenient if you plan to put baby to nap under the coconut pendants you enjoy the beach.

– An inflatable or foldable bathtub

A good travel baby bathtub that does not take place, it’s practical too. Then go for an inflatable bathtub or standing bath. You can use it for bathing or for your baby wades quietly in the shade during the hours when the sun is too strong for the small fragile skin of newborns.

– And last but not least, a tube of sunscreen sunscreen, special children, bought in pharmacies: against the tropical sun, the maximum protection is required.

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