Palais de Chine Grand Baie

A Pekin Duck in Mauritius

Chinese restaurants in Mauritius are numerous and of all kinds. Along the Royal Road in Grand Bay is the Palais de Chine which clearly announces to everyone who walks by that it is a relay for Chinese fine cuisine” in Mauritius. This is good reason for sitting down in that well-known place in Mauritius with the intention to enjoy it a traditionnal Peking duck.

Pekin Duck in Palais de Chine

Pekin Duck in Palais de Chine

On Friday we booked our table on the veranda and our duck – no question go to Palais de Chine and order a fried rice : we really want to try the duck !
Well, we will not be disappointed by this delicious experience: a crispy duck thinly sliced, served in thin rice pancakes, accompanied by cucumber and carrot sticks and a nice plum sauce: it was really delicious !
We will certainly go there again !
And you, do you like the Pekin duck made in Mauritius ?

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