Rodrigues island

Experience the authenticity, specialty from Rodrigues island

For the very first time, we have a guest on the website : Mélanie Moyencourt-Orru, a student who loves travel and is now in Mauritius. She writes about her visit on Rodrigues island.( the article was written in french and translated by us)

Land in Rodrigues means dive into the lagoon of a small, and wild, island. Admire its hilly landscape covered with green forests, contrasted by the lagoon, gradient blue turquoise to navy blue carpet and islets. Although some 600 km from Mauritius, with which it forms the Republic of Mauritius, it is distinguished by its simplicity. Here man and nature are one. Aware of their surroundings, the 40,000 inhabitants preserve their island paradise. It is time for us city dwellers to return to their roots.
The people from Rodrigues show us the way. By hiking to the summit of Mont Limon which amounts to almost 400 meters and reveals its 360 degrees. In sailing off to sea fishing. Or, feet in the water as biting of octopus. You know? These women, at dawn, catching octopus with their spears. But the flagship practice for seasoned anglers is to trap fish in their nets by circling with their canoes. This is the seining ancestral tradition celebrated at the opening of the season in early March. Cultural activities around the theme of the sea are a way to wait, for the population who want some fres fishes. The Indian Ocean offers a multitude of fish, and to avoid over-exploitation, fishing is regulated during the year.

However, you can swim freely and discover the hidden corners of the island. Trou d’Argent, in the East, is one of the most unspoilt beaches in the world. So Anse Mourouk is renowned for its kitesurfing spot. Or, Cocos Island, a nature reserve to the west. On these beaches, time seems to stop for a walk along the water. Feeling the sand and walking under the bright sun. The waves offer the show off. They crashed into the reef to form white foam from the ubiquitous blue contrast. Of the sky and the turquoise of the sea. Far from the crowded beaches of the French Riviera, only a few tourists walking around. The serenity of the place rocking those who venture. Approaching the reef fish are numerous and all colors. Diving enthusiasts, with bottles or traditional mask and snorkel, marvel as the sea-bottom is rich. There is even a natural aquarium.

Rodrigues island

Rodrigues island

The local culture is identified as color and diversity of the landscape. More discreet than their neighbors from Mauritius, people from Rodrigues live to the rhythm of their peaceful island. Each one is versatile and practical range of activities: fishing, farming and animal husbandry on a plot in the garden. The craft is also included, and is particularly sold on the famous market of Port Mathurin, the capital. Basketry rubs spices and condiments, such as silt pepper, eucalyptus honey is renowned, and exotic fruits and vegetables. Thus, papaya, tamarind, banana, coconut and mango set the tone with the season.

Melanie MO

A tour of the island with Mélanie

✔ Port Mathurin (Saturday market), Anse aux Anglais and the surrounding villages.
✔ The great beaches of the East: Pointe Cotton Petit Gravier (Trou d’Argent) – diving for fans at the Cotton Center Drive.
✔ Mount Limon for a panoramic view of the whole island, and other walks in the heart of the island.
✔ The St. Gabriel church, the largest in the Indian Ocean.
✔ Reserve François Leguat: endemic plants, giant turtles, bats (the dogfish), and visit a cave.
✔ The west coast and islands: Ile aux Cocos, the principal.

PLage Rodrigues

PLage Rodrigues

The places

➢ Chez Jeannette: country and / or canteen, Mont Black Wood, run by a very welcoming Rodrigues. – (230) 831 5860

➢ Cotton Dive Center Dive Center – (230) 5706 1474

➢ Club Osmosis: kitesurfing center in Anse Mourouk – (230) 5875 4961

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