Pointe Canon Vieux Grand Port

Why can we see cannons at Devils Point ?

Located on the south east coast of Mauritius, close from Mahébourg, lies Pointe du Diable, also known as Devils Point. Facing l’ile au phare, Devils Point was a coastal artillery location with anti-ship cannons and fortifications, created by the French to protect invasions of enemies.

Ile de la Passe et Il au phare

Ile de la Passe et Il au phare

In 1810, during the Battle of Grand Port, the French settlers defend themselves from this location against the British. Britain, which had gradually reinforced its military presence in the Mascarenes islands, launched in august 1810 an attack against the French in order to take possession of the island. The Naval Battle of Grand Port was won by the French and marked a decisive turn in the colonial history of Mauritius.

Devils point is a perfect spot to make a stop and admire the view on the large bay of Grand Port.

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