Bat mauritius

Bats in Mauritius : a talk-of-the-island

The ” talk of the town of the island ” in the moment is simply the bat. This flying animal hits the headlines because there would be too many on the island. The large mass attacks the fruits, ruining, among other things, future production of mangoes! Not to mention the uproar caused by these nocturnal mammals.
So the bat is not popular – if not for children 5 years old, obviously fascinated by the “Batmen” that crisscross the sky at night.
Not far from us, in the Seychelles, people hunt regularly and eat the bats, unique local game. Maybe this will inspire Mauritian, and will be bring back the bat on the Mauritian tables? Accompanied by a mango kutcha?!
PS : humourous text – or at least a tentative one

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