Port Louis, Ile Maurice / Mauritius island

10 useful expressions to find your way in Mauritius

You have decided to wander on foot, scooter or car, discover Mauritius Great idea! What better way to see the island otherwise observe some the backcountry, unusual villages and bustling activity of cities and markets (bazaars and fairs) ?
Beyond the usual prudence, the challenge is to locate the places : signs with street names are rare. Generally the major hotels are signalized so do not hesitate to rely on signs to join them if they are close to your destination. Finally, it may be helpful to know a few words in Creole to identify, ask for directions and understand the directions people will give you … and arrive safely!

Backcountry Mauritius island

Backcountry Mauritius island

10 expressions useful for not getting lost in Mauritius

– Mo pe rode … I’m looking …
– Kot mo capav trouvé …? = Where can I find …?
– Filling = Gas Station
– Cass contour = Turn
– Saute simin (sauter le chemin) = Cross the road
– Bis stop = Bus stop
– Robot = traffic lights
– Diversion = Deviation (on the road)
– Pié – Tree
– Kalimaye (calimaye) = Hindu temple

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