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Football fans in Mauritius

The FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil until 13 July 2014 is the golden opportunity to talk about football and Mauritius island. The Mauritian national team does not participate to this World Cup. But Mauritius has a long tradition of football, a sport that raises enthusiasm and passionate reactions among mauritian people.But if the sport is very popular, the state of professional football is not that great in Mauritius, and some mauritian people don’t even know the names of the teams in the 1st division.

Thanks to British, football development took place in Mauritius in the early 20th century, in order to become the most popular sport on the island.Even today you will find in Mauritius, 10,000 kms away from London, fans of Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal … but Manchester United is the most popular team in the island, with fierce supporters, very organized, particularly with the Mauritian branch of the Manchester United Supporters Club.

When a game of these teams is retransmitted, life stops, or almost : the Mauritian holds its breath, watching television. Crossing some villages, you can see inscriptions on the walls, touting Manchester United, or denigrating the Liverpool team, or some mauritians dressed with “their” team outfit.

Fan Chelsea Mauritius

Fan Chelseau Mauritius

Football fans, Mauritians are very attentive to this World Cup, mainly supporting England or France, or Brazil for some of them.

And you, which team do you support for this new World Cup?

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