Vue sur le Coin de Mire, Ile Maurice. Gunner's Coin, Mauritius.

Grand Baie, a trendy place in Mauritius island

All around the website we often speak about Grand Baie, but do you know where it is in Mauritius ? Today we will take some time to present this village. Located at the bottom of a large bay, sheltered from the wind and sunny, the village have a great situation on the island. Therefore, it has always attracted mauricians and tourists and is nowadays one of the main touristic area.

Grand Baie is indeed a true hub of tourism in Mauritius. On the one hand , its site allows quick access to the Pointe aux Cannoniers and the beautiful beach of Mont Choisy , rolling westward , while to the east is easy access to Cap Malheureux (where you can find the lovely church with the red roof) and Anse La Raie : many scenic places to visit in the area around Grand Baie during your holidays. On the other hand , the lagoon of Grand Baie, exceptional, is ideal for sailing. You can access very quickly by boat to the Gunner’s Coin or the Flat Island !

La Chapelle de Cap Malheureux

La Chapelle de Cap Malheureux

That is why, in Grand Baie, settled for many years already prestigious hotels such as the Royal Palm, where a lot of famous people like to stay during there mauritian vacation, or the less prestigious but very comfy and friendly Mauricia , next to the Yacht Club . Today, in the village and surrounding area, there is many hotels, guest houses as well as bars and restaurants and chic shops … Mauritian likes to call it the ” Saint Tropez ” of the island.

Therefore Grand Baie is unmissable, at least to have your own opinion about the place ! Those who like to go out at night or to sail will stay there for their holidays in Mauritius. Others will go at least for a sea trip from Sunset Boulevard , or a night out , for instance a delicious cocktail at Banana Café.

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