Statue de Shiva à Grand Bassin, ile Maurice.Shiva in Grand Bassin, Mauritius.

Maha Shivaratree : the night of Lord Shiva.

A multicultural island, Mauritius is home to several religions. Mauritians of the Hindu faith celebrate on February 17 , 2015, Maha Shivaratree “the night of Lord Shiva.” On this occasion, more than 400,000 pilgrims converge to Grand Bassin, whose waters, according to the legend, communicate with those of the Ganges. Dressed in white and carrying “kanwars” – kind of altars decorated with floral representations of Hindu deities – the pilgrims will move towards the holy waters to make offerings to the goddess Ganga, born of the hair of Shiva. If it is not always easy to drive around during the pilgrimage, this festival gives off great fervor and is very impressive.

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