Slow travel Mauritius

My inventory of mauritian tastings

A pineapple with his hot sauce, it defies the salivary glands. Also works with green mango. Or bilimbis.

“Losties chinois” : to be dissolved one by one on the tongue. Alternatively, make a small pile and chew it.

A pair of dholls puri so thin that your fingers are finally full of curry. Good dholl puri leaves no clean hands.

Gateau Moutaye as sweet as oily, combination of essential criteria for the moutaye be Mmmmmmm-moutaye.

A dip in the water. The sea runoff your lips. The Indian Ocean is as sweet as it is welcoming.

A dense and sweet Napolitan. With a large glass of water to avoid being a suffocated.

Soucé – rapé. All colors. A rainbow bar in your hand. Feel fresh.

Farata dholl puri ile maurice

Farata dholl puri ile maurice

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