Mine-frit-ile Maurice

The most mauritian dish

There is much to say about the Mauritian cuisine, which mixes the influences, cultures, flavors …Our carris come from India, the fried noddles and rice in China etc …. Finally, is there is a 100% Mauritian dish?

Is it mashed “arouille”? Sweet and tasty, incomparable delicate flavor.
Is this the peanut butter rougaille ? Apparently very common in West Africa as well, but who is to say that Farata-peanut butter rougaille is not Mauritius?
Is this the chicken curry with shrimp? Caribbean Chicken colombos do not associate shellfish!
Is the palm hearts with red sauce shrimp? In Asia and elsewhere, palm hearts are rarely served hot with red sauce!

Déjeuner créole, Ile Maurice; copyrigth : icietailleurs-helene.blogspot.fr/

Déjeuner créole, Ile Maurice

And for you, what is the most Mauritian dish of Mauritian cuisine?
Please don’t say that it is a Mine Appolo !

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