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When should you buy your plane ticket for Mauritius ?

When is it better to buy a plane ticket to Mauritius in order to have the best prices? Here are our 3 tips for finding an airline ticket online at the lowest price.

1. Buy your airplane tickets 6-9 months in advance.
This is statistically the best time to find a plane ticket at a price close to the lowest in the market.

2. Buy your airplane tickets midweek.
Online prices vary widely, and are often stable and high from Friday to Sunday.
So it is better to buy a ticket on Tuesday or Wednesday,.

3. Buy your airplane tickets at night!
Indeed, reservations fees vary according to the online traffic and therefore according to the schedule. That’s why you should look for your ticket when everyone is assleep, between midnight and 6am!

Plane ticket Ile Maurice

Plane ticket Ile Maurice

The website agofly.fr website can create alerts to stay informed of price changes for a destination: just specify the dates of travel and desired price. When this price is available, the site sends an email alert with all the necessary information and a link to buy the required ticket at the best price.

Finally buying tickets online at the best price needs to implement the well-known strategy of purchasing online for private sales : the alarm clock is programmed very early to buy before anyone else.

Now you can start to plan your next holiday in Mauritius!

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