Alison Teal aux Maldives

We don’t want no pollution…

Are you, dear readers, surprised by all the rubbish that can be found underwater, in Mauritius or elsewhere? Water bottles, beer cans, plastic bags, fishing nets … All rubbish we do not always see the ocean surface but that can accumulate on the seabed up to 2000 meters depth …
Many animal species are killed and remaining trapped in fishing nets or ingesting waste (not to mention the degradation of water quality). More than 250 marine species are endangered today.

Ile des deux Cocos à Blue Bay. Copyrigth Ile des Deux cocos.

Ile des deux Cocos à Blue Bay. Copyrigth Ile des Deux cocos.

Until recently, the explorer Alison Teal discovered tons of various waste on an uninhabited island in the Maldives. She was gone filming beaches and coconut palms, and she came back with terrifying images of garbage beach … And it was not Thilafushi, nicknamed “Rubbish Island” in Maldives, this neighbor archipelago the Indian Ocean.
Thanks God the “green” initiatives are blooming, in Mauritius and other countries. People are now aware that we have to take care of the sea.
Mauritians, travelers, friends, think about it and help us to protect our beautiful island!

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