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Fried rice from Mauritius: an easy recipe

A very popular dish in Mauritius, of Chinese origin, fried rice has long taken a prominent place on the tables of Mauritian families. Here is an easy recipe, to be done in your home in about 45 minutes.

Ingredients for a succulent fried rice for 4 people

500 g of Basmati rice
200g of peeled shrimps
200g of vegetables: carrots, brèdes, cabbage …
3 eggs
300 g chicken
1 bunch of chives
1 tablespoon fish sauce (Nuoc mâm)
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Oil, Pepper, Salt

Riz frit copyright

Riz frit copyright


Cook the rice separately. Cut the chicken into pieces and marinate in oil, season with salt and pepper.

Fry shrimp with a tablespoon of soy sauce. Meanwhile, beat the eggs in a bowl, cut the diced vegetables and chop the chives.

Bring a large wok, in which you pour 3 tablespoons of oil. Put the beaten eggs and prepare them as scrambled eggs. Add the chopped vegetables and mix.

Then add the chicken pieces, mix. Pour prepared rice over top and stir in soy sauce and fish sauce.

Add shrimp on top and simmer for 3 minutes. It’s ready ! Enjoy with chilli and garlic sauce.

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