Déjeuner créole, Ile Maurice; copyrigth : icietailleurs-helene.blogspot.fr/

How to prepare a good “rougail saucisse”?

From your trip to Mauritius you can be kept the memory of a simple and delicious creole meal : the rougail saucisse (saussages in spicy tomato sauce), a must of mauritian cuisine. Here is an easy recipe and all our tips to to prepare one back home and find the flavors of Mauritius cuisine in your dishes!

1 kg of sausages (for 6 people)
3 tablespoons oil
2 large onions, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, ginger (very little, piece or powder)
5 tomatoes, finely chopped + a tablespoon of tomato paste
1 sprig of thyme
2 pinch of turmeric
1 hot pepper or cayenne powder
1 tablespoon curry

In a casserole dish brown the onions with oil and then add the sausage cut into 4/5 cm.
Add the garlic and ginger, then the tomatoes. Mix everything.
Add the thyme, turmeric, chili, curry powder and a glass of water.
Simmer at low heat for about 45 minutes
Adjust seasoning with salt, pepper, if necessary.

Serve with basmati rice and lentils (any color).
If you brought peppers or pickles from your trip, it’s time to get them out of the fridge. If you’re looking for lunch ideas to invite friend, this easy recipe from Mauritius is the perfect meal to prepare !

Bon appétit !

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