Pêche à l'ile Maurice. Fishing in Mauritius.

Sirandanes Top 3

Do you know what a Sirandane is ? It is a short quiz in Creole, often very colorful, popular in Mauritius, but also in other islands of the Indian Ocean like Seychelles island, La Reunion or Rodrigues …
The sirandanes are part of the Mauritian heritage. Here is a short selection, as TOP 3.

1.Dilo Dibout? ( standing water?)
Cann (A [sugar] cane)

2.Mo dé ti bononme March ansam, saken so tour divan. (My two snowmen walk together, each in turn being front)
Mo Lipié (my feet)

3.Mo marcher li marcher, mo arrêter li arrêter. (I walk, it walks. I stop, it stops)
Lombraz (shadow). <-: ->

And you, know what sirandane you know?

Et vous quelle sirandane connaissez-vous?

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