La Roche qui pleure - Ile Maurice/Mauritius

Having a tea the mauritian way

Drinking tea is trendy! In Europe, Kusmi is a hit, and opens shops everywhere, when Mariages Frères remains draped in elegant tradition of fine teas shops. The tea is popular for its taste and its virtues : rich in anti- oxidants, de-stressing , aids digestion …. the tea benefits are so numerous that there is always a good reason to have a cup of tea !
In Mauritius one plants tea since 1892, at Bois Chéri, where the climate is ideal for these plantations. The Mauritian tea is a dense black tea, often flavored with vanilla, fairly lightly : it has nothing to do with chemical flavored teas like Elephant teas.

Thé bois chéri Ile Maurice

Thé bois chéri Ile Maurice

To enjoy a tea the mauritian way, you should serve it very hot (even when the heat is oppressive!), with a good dose of milk and two lumps of sugar, in the morning or later in the afternoon. Try with local brown sugar : it is simply delicious!

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