Le Maradiva, Ile Maurice - Mauritius island.

Travel in Mauritius island : Top 8 creole expressions to know

Even if Mauritius is a Francophone country, the national language is mauritian Creole, and the official language remains English so everybody learns it at school. You should not encounter great difficulties to communicate with people around the islandeven if you do not speak Creole! If you are used to travel in the Indian ocean, you will probably notice that mauritian creole is different from the creole spoken in La Réunion or Seychelles island.

Jetée sur lagon Ile Maurice - Jetty on the lagoon Mauritius

Jetée sur lagon Ile Maurice – Jetty on the lagoon Mauritius

However, you will quickly discover that Mauritian people will answer you using a local vocabulary and figurative expressions from Mauritius

Check out our top 8 creoles phrases to know for  travelling in Mauritius:

  1. Ki manière? = How are you?
  2. Mo pé rode = I am looking
  3. Korek, tou korek = Fine, everything is fine
  4. Salam =  make a hand signal (usually at the time of departure).
  5. Sandale = anti mosquito spiral that is burned
  6. Pistache = Peanut (and no pistachio !)
  7. Mo oulé = I would like
  8. Mo content = I like/love

You are now ready to communicate the mauritian way !

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