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Travel to Mauritius : a valid passport is required!

European, Canadian and Swiss nationals do not need a visa to stay in Mauritius for a stay up to 3 months. Indeed, all they need to have a passport whose validity is after the date of return to the country of origin.

Therefore, the future traveler does not always pay attention to his passport validity! So many times I received calls for help ” Help, my passport has expired or expires during my vacation in Mauritius, what can I do ?”

My advice is as follows (for residents of France):
– ask you boss for a letter stating that you must go to Mauritius for professional reasons
– get to the nearest prefecture with this letter and provide all the necessary documents (passport photos, stamp duty …) and ask them to issue a temporary passport urgently.

And it works pretty well ! For other countries, I have unfortunately no trick! And you?

Plage Ile Maurice – Beach Mauritius

Plage Ile Maurice – Beach Mauritius

Europeans, Canadians and Swiss nationals : All conditions to come to Mauritius without a visa:

– Having a passport whose validity is after the date of return to the country of origin
– Be in possession of a return ticket
– Present a reservation at a hotel or in the case of rental or lodging, mentioning the complete contact details of the host
– Have sufficient financial means for the stay

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