Tropique de la violence

Gret author, Natacha Appanah had already upset me with The Last Brother, using a percussive and incisive style, here always present. The Mauritian writer returned to the forefront of the literary scene in 2016 with “Tropic of Violence”, telling the tragic fate of Mo, on the island of Mayotte. French territory far from the mainland, where the beautiful landscapes are next to slum shantytowns, Mayotte is the scene of ordinary human drama. The characters of this novel, rejected by the real world, are at the same time the carriers of this singular story, while being in situations unfortunately universal. The spiral of misery does not fear the sun.



Over the course of the chapters, Natacha Appanah lends her voice to the different characters, who depict this ordinary violence, the difficulties of everyday life, the pain of not foreseeing a better future. This is a novel you can not forget : once the book closed, the voices of Marie, Stéphane and Mo and the others continue to resonate in us.

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