Lemon Tree Forbach

Winter is here

I do not know how Laurie Thilleman or Caroline Receveur can wander in micro-bikini on the beaches of Mauritius by the times that run. Because , honestly, we freeze. Drizzle and rain are daily. Strong wind from the east, southeast.

Some people explained to me that in fact, the sea being at 24 degrees, it is warm compared to the climate, and that therefore the swims in the sea are delicious! I confess, I prefer a quilt, the last season of Game of thrones, a vanilla tea with a share of banana pie, or why not, a game of mah-jong. And other pleasures of the Mauritian winter. Yes, for the seaside pleasures, I remain skeptical and wait patiently for the return of the sun. As this one is never very far in the tropics, hopefully, soon!


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